The Irish Pub – Atlantic City, New Jersey

irish pub ac

I’ve been to a LOT of bars in my life – all around the world.  One of my top five bars remains one that is in my home state of New Jersey – The Irish Pub in Atlantic City.


There are many reasons for its greatness.  It is located a block off of the famous board walk. You feel like you possibly have made a wrong turn. There is a big vacant lot across the street. It is somewhat desolate. Then you see the sign and open the door.

You are immediately met with the inviting and invigorating sites and sounds that are indicative of an Irish pub.

There is usually a tremendous buzz of people either pregaming or post gaming.  The place is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  It is a wonderful comfort to know that it is always there for you.

But aside from the buzz of activity The Irish Pub has all the elements that are important to Irish Pub decor. There are certain materials combined in certain ways that create the unmistakable appearance of an Irish pub.


There’s the warmth of dark wood. A  pub has to have dark wood.  That’s a requirement. The Irish Pub has a huge rectangular walnut bar that takes up the whole bar room.  It’s got dark wood paneling contrasting with creamy white stucco.

The magnificent tile floor is a work of art. It contrasts beautifully with the other design elements within the inn/restaurant.

The Guiness mirrors and wall signs proudly proclaim the greatness of Ireland’s national drink – Guiness stout.

They have installed an elaborate back bar mirror with shelves to hold the colorful assortment of liquor bottles and shot glasses and bar ware.

The humorous signs behind the bar provide an uplifting atmosphere to all the guests.

There’s the colorful glow of Stained Glass. Prosperous American Irish pubs of the Victorian era usually displayed stained glass in the windows or in the lighting fixtures. The Irish pub has a dozen Tiffany-style lamps that cast a beautiful, colorful glow across the whole establishment.  It is an elegant touch that is also friendly and welcoming.

The bar stools are dark walnut with a blue/green upholstered seat. They have a back and a foot rest. They are about 30 inches in height and are quite manly.

The pub is divided into two sections and the restaurant is filled with wooden cafe chairs and tables.

There’s the warm glow of polished brass.

A pub with great decor has layers of ornamentation. It’s like a musical arrangement.  Polished brass is another material that adds depth and warmth to the feeling and appearance of the room. The Irish Pub has a burnished hand rail, foot rail and highly polished wall sconces.  The richness of burnished brass is just wonderful.

There is the memorabilia.

The Irish pub has tons of memorabilia. Most of the items are vintage or antique pieces that have been collected over that last century and reflect the tastes and leanings of Irish Americans.

There are pictures of famous Irish athletes – especially Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey. There are bronze busts and statues of Irish boxers. They have tributes to firemen and police.

All and all the decor of the Irish pub is an amplified version of all pub ambiance.

It’s warm and inviting, rich and colorful, manly and lively. I would encourage anybody to experience the wonderful interior of this venerable pub. You will remember and appreciate the quality furnishings for years to come.


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