Irish Pub Mirrors

A unique touch that is obtainable in most Irish pubs is the presence of bar mirrors, which are beautifully hand-crafted mirrors and imported mostly from Ireland. This is an essential element in pub designs. Historically, many Irish pubs were built with long, narrow interiors which often produced dark corners and cubbies towards the back of the pub with very little natural light coming through. This is where the use of beautifully designed bar mirrors has become of the essence to get the most of your lighting as it doesn’t feel good drinking in dark side as if you’re in a cave. Bar mirrors work well during darker winter evenings in the pub where they illuminate every dark corner as well as create more illusion of space and a hint of drama. Following better designs,

Irish pubs have their bar mirrors positioned near the source of light to help reflect light around the room and lighting dark interiors. The back bar mirrors that are seen in Irish pubs are equally exceptional. They’re often embellished with elaborate gold leaf flourishes that beautifully reflect the display of liquor bottles, making the pub a glittering display.

Back bar mirrors help to bring bars to life with an extra touch of decoration and illumination. You can never run out of choice when it comes to back bar mirrors to enhance Irish pubs because of the various designs from Jameson’s, Guinness (with Guinness signs), and Bush mills, which are all well decorated to add that unique sense of drama and wholeness to your pub wall.

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