Irish Pub Decor

The Appeal of Irish Pub Decor

pub interior with dark wood
Inviting feel of a cozy pub soothes the soul

What is it about an Irish pub decor that is so appealing? We all know about friendly Irish hospitality, but what specific, physical elements make up what we know as Irish pub decor?

Let’s take a look at the institution itself.  Then in later posts we will evaluate the actual furnishings.

Pubs promote conviviality. It is precisely in line with what the Irish call “the craic” which means “real fun.” To quantify the level of success Irish pubs have attained, it is proper this is viewed from the context of current casual-dining performance in the United States, Ireland, and other European countries. Irish pub has therefore emerged as one of the hottest business lines in the industry because of her strong bottom-line which is achievable with a minimal need for capital reinvestment.

Also, the appeal and cozy attraction that Irish pubs enjoy is a solid broad demographic and broad range of drinking and entertainment occasions. In contrast with other casual-drinking shops or bars, Irish pubs can satisfy the demands of her customers at any time of the day, thereby adequately maximizing profit from business launches, cocktail hour, and late-night hangouts and entertainment.

American Irish Pub interior
Classic American Irish Pub

There has also been a noticeable achievement that is beyond industry standards by Irish pubs, where they’ve succeeded in towns of 20,000 people and equally showing tremendous strides in urban and suburban locations. With diligent management and adequate resources, Irish pubs will continue to enjoy huge patronage in the restaurant business.

The contributions of both exterior and interior decorations and furnishings of an Irish pub are significant in ensuring success. Customers just want to enjoy the real thing and know exactly when they’re getting less. This is why a poorly-constructed design is tantamount to poor performance. Thankfully, Irish pubs are laced with beautiful and masterly made crafts and furnishings that make the pub the cynosure of eyes.

Most of the pubs in the United States have furniture with Irish origin which is re-assembled in the US and constructed with the need to conserve space. Some Irish pubs also provide genuinely home-cooked food with ingredients sourced locally which wonderfully integrates the menu with local and regional tastes. This is what their customers want – original and authentic Irish food. There is also the availability of high-quality imported Irish beers, Guinness, and spirits that is fresh and perfectly poured when you visit an Irish pub.

pint of Guiness stout
Guinness for strength

Even beyond beer, Irish pubs are known for innovative cocktails and mixed drinks. While enjoying a fresh cup of beer, there is a good mix of traditional and contemporary Irish music playing in the background through good sound systems and at some points live bands during some times of the week to help you swing safely through the night.

Beer taps in an irish pub

If an Irish pub is run by Irish people in some key positions, they help to bring out the real pub culture customers always want to enjoy. You need to have your employees know how to dish out the warmth, informality, and conviviality customers expect from Irish pubs, and so this is why there are need to have an Irish manage the lead team. Employees, management, and owners must be engaged in good business operations and constant training which will bring out the Irish traditions and culture.

Now that you have an idea of the spirit of Irish pubs, in our next post we will look at the essential elements you need to bring this feeling into your own home bar or man cave.

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