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The Irish Pub – Atlantic City, New Jersey

irish pub ac

I’ve been to a LOT of bars in my life – all around the world.  One of my top five bars remains one that is in my home state of New Jersey – The Irish Pub in Atlantic City.


There are many reasons for its greatness.  It is located a block off of the famous board walk. You feel like you possibly have made a wrong turn. There is a big vacant lot across the street. It is somewhat desolate. Then you see the sign and open the door.

You are immediately met with the inviting and invigorating sites and sounds that are indicative of an Irish pub.

There is usually a tremendous buzz of people either pregaming or post gaming.  The place is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  It is a wonderful comfort to know that it is always there for you.

But aside from the buzz of activity The Irish Pub has all the elements that are important to Irish Pub decor. There are certain materials combined in certain ways that create the unmistakable appearance of an Irish pub.


There’s the warmth of dark wood. A  pub has to have dark wood.  That’s a requirement. The Irish Pub has a huge rectangular walnut bar that takes up the whole bar room.  It’s got dark wood paneling contrasting with creamy white stucco.

The magnificent tile floor is a work of art. It contrasts beautifully with the other design elements within the inn/restaurant.

The Guiness mirrors and wall signs proudly proclaim the greatness of Ireland’s national drink – Guiness stout.

They have installed an elaborate back bar mirror with shelves to hold the colorful assortment of liquor bottles and shot glasses and bar ware.

The humorous signs behind the bar provide an uplifting atmosphere to all the guests.

There’s the colorful glow of Stained Glass. Prosperous American Irish pubs of the Victorian era usually displayed stained glass in the windows or in the lighting fixtures. The Irish pub has a dozen Tiffany-style lamps that cast a beautiful, colorful glow across the whole establishment.  It is an elegant touch that is also friendly and welcoming.

The bar stools are dark walnut with a blue/green upholstered seat. They have a back and a foot rest. They are about 30 inches in height and are quite manly.

The pub is divided into two sections and the restaurant is filled with wooden cafe chairs and tables.

There’s the warm glow of polished brass.

A pub with great decor has layers of ornamentation. It’s like a musical arrangement.  Polished brass is another material that adds depth and warmth to the feeling and appearance of the room. The Irish Pub has a burnished hand rail, foot rail and highly polished wall sconces.  The richness of burnished brass is just wonderful.

There is the memorabilia.

The Irish pub has tons of memorabilia. Most of the items are vintage or antique pieces that have been collected over that last century and reflect the tastes and leanings of Irish Americans.

There are pictures of famous Irish athletes – especially Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey. There are bronze busts and statues of Irish boxers. They have tributes to firemen and police.

All and all the decor of the Irish pub is an amplified version of all pub ambiance.

It’s warm and inviting, rich and colorful, manly and lively. I would encourage anybody to experience the wonderful interior of this venerable pub. You will remember and appreciate the quality furnishings for years to come.


Irish Pub Decor

The Appeal of Irish Pub Decor

pub interior with dark wood
Inviting feel of a cozy pub soothes the soul

What is it about an Irish pub decor that is so appealing? We all know about friendly Irish hospitality, but what specific, physical elements make up what we know as Irish pub decor?

Let’s take a look at the institution itself.  Then in later posts we will evaluate the actual furnishings.

Pubs promote conviviality. It is precisely in line with what the Irish call “the craic” which means “real fun.” To quantify the level of success Irish pubs have attained, it is proper this is viewed from the context of current casual-dining performance in the United States, Ireland, and other European countries. Irish pub has therefore emerged as one of the hottest business lines in the industry because of her strong bottom-line which is achievable with a minimal need for capital reinvestment.

Also, the appeal and cozy attraction that Irish pubs enjoy is a solid broad demographic and broad range of drinking and entertainment occasions. In contrast with other casual-drinking shops or bars, Irish pubs can satisfy the demands of her customers at any time of the day, thereby adequately maximizing profit from business launches, cocktail hour, and late-night hangouts and entertainment.

American Irish Pub interior
Classic American Irish Pub

There has also been a noticeable achievement that is beyond industry standards by Irish pubs, where they’ve succeeded in towns of 20,000 people and equally showing tremendous strides in urban and suburban locations. With diligent management and adequate resources, Irish pubs will continue to enjoy huge patronage in the restaurant business.

The contributions of both exterior and interior decorations and furnishings of an Irish pub are significant in ensuring success. Customers just want to enjoy the real thing and know exactly when they’re getting less. This is why a poorly-constructed design is tantamount to poor performance. Thankfully, Irish pubs are laced with beautiful and masterly made crafts and furnishings that make the pub the cynosure of eyes.

Most of the pubs in the United States have furniture with Irish origin which is re-assembled in the US and constructed with the need to conserve space. Some Irish pubs also provide genuinely home-cooked food with ingredients sourced locally which wonderfully integrates the menu with local and regional tastes. This is what their customers want – original and authentic Irish food. There is also the availability of high-quality imported Irish beers, Guinness, and spirits that is fresh and perfectly poured when you visit an Irish pub.

pint of Guiness stout
Guinness for strength

Even beyond beer, Irish pubs are known for innovative cocktails and mixed drinks. While enjoying a fresh cup of beer, there is a good mix of traditional and contemporary Irish music playing in the background through good sound systems and at some points live bands during some times of the week to help you swing safely through the night.

Beer taps in an irish pub

If an Irish pub is run by Irish people in some key positions, they help to bring out the real pub culture customers always want to enjoy. You need to have your employees know how to dish out the warmth, informality, and conviviality customers expect from Irish pubs, and so this is why there are need to have an Irish manage the lead team. Employees, management, and owners must be engaged in good business operations and constant training which will bring out the Irish traditions and culture.

Now that you have an idea of the spirit of Irish pubs, in our next post we will look at the essential elements you need to bring this feeling into your own home bar or man cave.

Irish Pub Signs

Irish Pub Signs – Symbols of Comfort

For centuries, Irish pub signs have been a welcome sight for weary travelers. The brightly painted, well positioned, hand carved wooden signs proclaim and invite us to enter and enjoy the warmth of Irish hospitality.  They are a symbol of comfort and conviviality.

Irish bar signs or shop fronts are one of the most important elements to any pub. This is because it is your curb appeal and character that gets customers in the door to sample what the pub offers. Irish bar signs are a vital relic of the venerable history of a pub.

They often show the pedigree and character of an establishment. The various shapes and sizes usually created by local woodworkers whose skill comes from tradition family craftsmanship. The color and design of the pub sign give instant recognition of what the experience will be like when they cross the threshold. Irish pub bar signs consist of classical designs such as hand-carved corbels and columns They tell a story of a business that still thrives after generations where memories of all the local tradesmen and artist who worked together to build a special pub are immortalized.

Everybody loves these small but perfectly formed bar signs or shop fronts because they all reflect the scale of a lot of Irish buildings of the past, with low ceilings and small windows, fitting in perfectly into their present-day buildings. These signs are there to show people what they can do with a simple bar front. Irish bar fronts are all eye-catching due to the contrast of colors used and use of simple advertising signage.

In conclusion, there is no gainsaying the fact that Irish pubs are a home away from home. They are warm, inviting, and exceptionally good for everyone’s delight where you can come in and drink with responsibility and enjoy good music. No wonder Irish pubs are so

appealing, cozy, and successful anywhere they are located.

Irish Pub Mirrors

A unique touch that is obtainable in most Irish pubs is the presence of bar mirrors, which are beautifully hand-crafted mirrors and imported mostly from Ireland. This is an essential element in pub designs. Historically, many Irish pubs were built with long, narrow interiors which often produced dark corners and cubbies towards the back of the pub with very little natural light coming through. This is where the use of beautifully designed bar mirrors has become of the essence to get the most of your lighting as it doesn’t feel good drinking in dark side as if you’re in a cave. Bar mirrors work well during darker winter evenings in the pub where they illuminate every dark corner as well as create more illusion of space and a hint of drama. Following better designs,

Irish pubs have their bar mirrors positioned near the source of light to help reflect light around the room and lighting dark interiors. The back bar mirrors that are seen in Irish pubs are equally exceptional. They’re often embellished with elaborate gold leaf flourishes that beautifully reflect the display of liquor bottles, making the pub a glittering display.

Back bar mirrors help to bring bars to life with an extra touch of decoration and illumination. You can never run out of choice when it comes to back bar mirrors to enhance Irish pubs because of the various designs from Jameson’s, Guinness (with Guinness signs), and Bush mills, which are all well decorated to add that unique sense of drama and wholeness to your pub wall.

Irish Pub Decor

The Grand Appeal of Irish Pubs

An Irish pub is an institution that is beloved around the world. You will stumble across them find them in almost any country you travel to. Why is the appeal so universal? Let’s take a closer look.


irish pub interior

Basically an Irish pub is an “establishment registered to serve alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises”. But they are far more that just a bar. They are bastions of Irish culture, Irish food, Irish music and Irish sports. They are meeting places for friends and neighbors. They are places for celebration and comfort – a more intimate and casual counterpart to the village church. There is a deep warmth that is felt when stepping inside.

Irish pubs have been in existence roughly for a millennium with the title “oldest pub in Ireland” going to Sean’s pub in County Westmeath established in the 10th century.

Irish people will have one or more pubs referred to as “the local pub” which is the pub which they visit most often. In-country pubs, there is a close relationship between the customers and staffs of the pub; also all regular customers know themselves in a famous or well-known pub. Pubs have a hallmark of their culture, and they include social atmosphere, sports, warm drinks and foods and traditional hearty music.

The etiquette in Irish pubs are not the same everywhere, and hence they vary from place to place, there are over 7,000 Irish themed public pubs worldwide, and most pubs in tourist-oriented areas are very much likely to serve food to their customers.

dark cozy Irish Pub

The reasons why many people love pubs is because of its authenticity and

below are what we need to know about an authentic pub:

they are named after the family who owns it:

Pubs are traditionally family-owned, and in most cases, the pub owner( publican) would live upstairs. They may employ a bartender or two. Other pubs are also named according to the streets where they are located, the name of any other pub that was not given according to any of the two factors above will undoubtedly be given by a combination of several factors.

A fun-loving publican:

The owner of an Irish pub is a revered and respected member of the community, they don’t just love fun, but they are also committed to assisting their patrons to enjoy their experience at the pub. Some publicans pull out singing instruments(like harmonica) from behind the bar and lead songs along while customers jump onto the table and recite rhymes.

Only serve alcohol:

An authentic pub serves alcohol.

Pubs are for the working class:

people in a crowded Irish pub

The abbreviations “pubs” stands for “public,” these public houses are come one, come all venture that is designed for blue-collar and working-class people. Do not expect trumpets and red carpets then because it is for private, members-only clubs.


Low-key atmosphere:

Every authentic pub will be very laid and chilling; it is a place for relaxation for

meeting friends, colleagues.

“Blow-ins” are limited:

Local pubs are always filled with other local people, blow-ins is another word or phrase for tourists or travelers. Most likely in an authentic Irish pub, blow-ins will be limited to a hotel pub.

Reasons why pubs are means of top attractions:

The atmosphere:

There is nothing more welcoming than the site of a pub to a weary, foot sore tourist. When you duck in for a pint (or more) you are immediately embraced by the dark warmth of wood, leather and polished brass.

Chatting with the Locals:

It is always good to start up a conversation with the locals especially when you are in new place, Irish people are the best when it comes to meeting famous talkative especially over a few drink; many pubs are known for having a great mix of character.

Traditional Music:

Irish musicians in a pub

The landlords at pub understand the power of traditional music in helping them pull customers; you will find several bars providing a stage for musicians and local singers. The standard of these musicians is very high; there is nowhere better to hear traditional music than a bar that has an attractive audience.

The Guinness:

Many people insist and believe that Guinness is at its best when it is drunk in a pub, it doesn’t taste quite the same anywhere else. That is what makes sipping of Guinness in traditional pubs high in many tourists list. There is always a wide variety of drinks for those who don’t even like the test of stout, and they include numerous whiskey, traditional beers, Irish coffee and Irish cream.

Fabulous Looks:

Pubs are more than just places to drink, many pubs offer foods and are happy to cater for families, do not expect to find too many places serving traditional dishes especially those that are not very popular. You are more likely to find offerings that are predictable such as pizzas, curries, lasagnas, etc. but the standard is improving. Don’t be surprised if your meal is of a very high quality.

Beautiful Pubs:

yellow Irish pub

Most pubs are essential centers for local life and always decorated to match this feat, color decoration and flower arrangements adorn even the tiniest pubs that are located even in small villages. Variety is also an essential factor to consider, good pubs come in all shapes and sizes, and this ranges from modern gastropubs to serving the latest in international cuisine.

The Irish sense of Drama:

Irish bartenders take time to lovingly pour pints of Guinness. They then line them up on the bar as the head settles – in preparation for a rush of thirsty customers. The custom is to help those less fortunate – the ones farther from the bar – by passing the glorious ebony pints overhead to waiting hands.


irish rugby

There is a passionate love for sport in Ireland – especially, football, rugby and hurling. A pub is a perfect place to feel the excitement especially on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

The Many Reasons why people enjoy relaxing in Irish pubs

It is no accident that Irish pubs are firmly planted across the entire planet? You will often find some in little neighborhoods or down back alleys where you will least expect to find them. Then the question comes, why do most people like “drinking a pint of Guinness in a traditional pub”? Let’s find out. Top of Form

You will get chatting with the locals:

You don’t want to be stuck doing the usual tourist rounds when you go to visit a place, therefore seeing the tourist sights and heading home without feeling like you have heard taste of that area is very frustrating, that is one of the reasons why many people love visiting Irish pub decors.

You will feel cozy and warm inside:

Pub decors are warm, comfortable and dark and are the perfect place to find rest after a hard day of work or labor. You need to dry up from work and relax, and to do that you have to pop inside and put your feet up, who knows you might even find a roaring open fire inside the pub and this is just bliss.

You will probably hear Irish music:

Irish pubs are the perfect place to discover some Irish music, for hundreds of years most traditional musicians have gathered in pubs to share music, and you may be lucky enough to stumble upon one. You will also find live music

performances in some main tourist areas, and so many people are lovers of music, therefore knowing too well that they can find good music at pub, this is the reason why many people go to Celtic pub décor.

And of Course – Pints of rich, dark nectar: Guinness:

pint of Guiness stout
Guinness for strength

Dark and lovely – Guiness nourishes the soul and body. There are also several other beverages; this is one of the reasons why people love going to pubs. Because they know that when they go there, any choice of their drinks can be found there.

You will see different sides of Irish culture:

One of the most beautiful places to socialize, exchange stories, share pleasantries, get relaxed and warm shelter from the weather, play music and watch strange local sports on the television, meet plenty of local character keens to tell you their stories and share their passion is in Irish pubs.

What makes Irish pubs unique and appealing

There are a lot of things that people think about when they hear “Irish pub.” The origin of the word pub comes from public houses, and so it is indeed a place where people can go and gather as a community. A lot of people need to relate to something outside their home, they need to talk to people, they need to bounce off ideas, and this is what pubs provide for people.

Below are some of the reasons why Irish pubs décor are distinctive and appealing.

The vibe: it is not something that is easily obtained as it might be deal-breaking, there is a big difference between a bar and a pub. Whereas a bar is a

bar, a pub is more of a meeting place, a place to socialize, a family environment, a place for storytelling, laughter, singing and a hub for community activity. All of these essential events that go on at the pub is what gives the place the heart, and that’s one of the reasons why pubs are unique and appealing.

The music: live music is a big part of the Irish pub, a weekly gathering has roots that go way back featuring a group of musicians who come in and join together in a performance of traditional Irish tunes. Some pubs organize beautiful sessions, and anyone who wants to partake in them can take part.

The look: Irish pubs aesthetics are one of the most natural traits to choose, in a sense. The classic look of an Irish pub often features a lot of dark stained wood, touches of dark green leather and the obligatory Guinness mirror. Most pubs have a low lighting that helps to set the environment mood relaxed, anyone starting a pub will have to fill the place with stuff to affect the looks, and this is a generational thing. This is an entirely fantastic feature of a pub, and it is like a good reputation, you can’t just build one in a day.

The tradition: like shelves full of decades-old keepsakes, years of culture can’t be manufactured, having a functional and open bar gives it a little soul and atmosphere anyway. One of the things that makes Irish pubs unique and appealing is the tradition, and by this, it doesn’t just relent on the past but is making new memories every day and the standardized stories of today will be told throughout the decades ahead. An excellent Irish pub is one that was your father’s and your grandfather’s pub, and the history is the power upon which the tradition lies.

pub interior

The decor: décor refers to the exterior and interior appearances of your hub if you engage one of the design firms who has built or renovated dozens of pubs there is every tendency that you will have a significantly built pub. A great pub is a timeless piece of design, and it looks better with age and care, unusual and unique features that make the pubs appealing are framed pictures. With either local or Irish themes, artifacts, pennants from local sports teams, currencies from guest home countries, photo galleries, etc. all of these will enhance the authenticity of an Irish pub decor. 

If you are looking to bring the feel of an Irish pub in your own home, check out this great article I just read.  Irish Decor.